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World Team Now's Gala Event June 9th

Join our nonprofit  World Team Now   for an exclusive event to celebrate the launching of the World Team project's  SOS-IS multistakeholder partnership and surprise announcements of members in the World Team. The event includes open bar, oyster tasting, amuse-bouche, softshell crab, sea scallops, ricotta toast, tomato and watermelon, and french fries. The event is being held at Grand Banks, a celebrated oyster bar aboard the historic wooden schooner, Sherman Zwicker located on Pier 25 in Manhattan on the Hudson River. See to take in how special this event will be. You might have noticed the .org – Grand Banks is famous for its leadership in the sustainable seafood movement and is a partner in The Billion Oyster Project and generates funds to support maritime conservation, education, and preservation.


The gala is sponsored by  EARTHx . Our deep appreciation goes to EARTHx


More details on our Gala will be updated here and on our Facebook Page at and Twitter feed WorldTeam1 as we know them.


Grand Banks Pier 25 @ N. Moore St. and West St
Hudson River Park New York, NY 10013


There is an Icon parking garage on Greenwich St. just south of N. Moore, and limited street parking on the northbound lane of West St. There is also street parking on streets in neighborhood of Grand Banks,Tribeca










World Team Now was at the Imagine Peace Event on 10/6/15 Joining a Human Aerial Art Peace Sign


Join our World Team Now in NYC  September 21st  2014 11:30am @Columbus Circle


We will be rolling out on our skates, taking it to the streets in the People's Climate March! Be part of the change, make history, and sign up here.

We are the people already doing renewable energy demonstration projects, in our work, in our homes and changing ourselves.  We are the people already rolling out the change now, have been doing that for decades, looking at how we individually and collectively use our energy. Energy that is not just demonstrated by solar, wind, heat/coolant geothermal, tidal energy or use LED lights, not just the technologies deployed in our buildings. 


We are the people standing and working for global climate justice in policy locally and globally, in action changing; our buildings to net zero, our vehicles to electric and rolling forward on wheels and making real progress.  We roll forward a future based on team work and community and demonstrate that in the Climate March by the way we actually move forward, on INLINE or ROLLER SKATES!  We all need to roll along much faster for real progress.


World Team Now calls on our global roller skate family to engage our community around the world that will be in NYC and will join to roller skate for renewable energy, at the People's Climate March. We will demonstrate by our own renewable energy, leg power, that we can build on our movement to go faster! We will use our own human energy, to naturally propel our movement and play to transform our world.   We will show our love for roller skating as a way to demonstrate to the world we have the power of choice of how to use our resources, and keep them in balance with all species on this planet.  With wheels on our feet, we demonstrate it's time be rollin' fast forward to the future we want to see. 

Register here:




Please Join World Team Now at the 2014 Malibu Earth Day Event Sunday April 27th



WTN is a supporting organization of RETCH2013



WTN is a supporting organization of REFF Wall Street 2013




Join World Team Now for the 2013 Malibu Earth Day Event Sunday April 21st






World Team Now is attending the Envrionmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Ball on January 21 2013 and is a co-host



World Team Now is a an official media partner of the Tidal & Wave Energy Summit 2012 for the 6th year!



WTN is a supporting organization of RETECH 2012



WTN at Malibu's Chili Cookoff on 9/3/2012


It's the annual Chilli Cookoff in Malibu! Since it was such a hit being at the EV Chargers last year, we are going to do it again! Stop by for a World Team Now T-Shirt over the long week end!


2011 Malibu Chili Cook-off in front of the EV Chargers, with a global team--over 5 countries
represented here around the Nissan Leaf from Hertz!




Rio+20: WTN’s Panel on Humanity & Environment = Our World’s Resources on 6/18/12



World Team Now will be organizing the following side event at the United Nations Rio +20


RIO Panel on Humanity & Environment = Our World’s Resources


Here are photos from the event

The framework and Foundation for a World Constitution


For our Environment, so humanity can live in better balance with our world’s resources


We all know that what happens in one part of the world will affect another, and the large scale catastrophic environmental challenges, like the Deep Horizon Oil Spill, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. There are many other environmental catastrophes that effect our common collective resources and this dialogue is to explore a better approach to regulating responsibility and responding in such a way that has both the public health and environmental resources prioritized over corporate, or an individual government’s approach with being first cost, expense, and liability driven.


We intend to begin a dialogue using a panel format about the content of global enforceable policy that plans how to move rapidly for welfare of humanity and our earth, and our collective natural environmental resources. This panel’s goal is to ignite a communication to dialogue about what would be in such a powerful document and evaluate it within the framework of the US Constitution, the European Convention of Human Rights and other historical documents that generated freedom and responsibility for a higher good and for a more just, sustainable, and balanced future. Our goal is to arrive at universal tenants that contributes towards a global agreement around energy policy – specifically, one that would contribute to UNCSD’s outcome regarding global enforceable policy related to energy and our environment.


The discussion will be approached from four different perspectives: legal, scientific, humanitarian, and theological.


World Team Now’s panel is headed by World Team Now Board Member former US Ambassador of the United States, Caruso Family Chair in Law, Douglas Kmiec, and Founder/President of World Team Now, Suzanne Maxx.


The panel will be comprised of dignitaries, leading thinkers in policy and law, VIPs, scientific experts, and theologians. Invited panelist TBA.


The UNCSD Secretariat has approved the side event requested by our organization during the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Lead Organizer: World Team Now

Co-organizers: Tcktcktck, GCCA

Title: RIO Panel on Humanity & Environment = Our World’s Resources

Date & Time Slot: 18 June 2012, 11:30 – 13:00

Venue (tentative): T-3 (capacity 140) (RioCentro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


Hope to see you there!


Rio+20: Heart & Soul “The Call” for Our Earth and a World Team Event on 6/21/12


World Team Now will be organizing the following off site side event at the United Nations Rio +20 People's Summit



This will be a continuation of World Team Now’s panel side-event Humanity & Environment = Our World’s Resources – approached through not just the mind, and thought but what touches the heart and soul.


The event will be for all people to hear through song, and personal stories how they were “called” to use their life force, for the earth. We will learn from the inner personal journey since the 1992 Earth Summit (and prior) where it all started, and what is the burning dream for the future. Where does this live in regards to individual actions, international policy, and how can we approach the manifestation of global transformation. We will hear from many icons that have walked the path of the hero for our earth. This is the inspiration needed for the next 20 years and beyond of the environmental movement so humanity could live in better balance with our resources.


Music and storytelling allow the environmental journey to be centered on what universally touches all people’s hearts and souls. We will explore how to move our future generation from the heart and soul of our humanity with the courage to act for our world.


Title of the event:  The Heart & Soul “The Call” for our Earth and a World Team
Date:  06/21/2012
Time:  from 17:00 to 19:00
Venue:  Pier Maua, Auditorium 1,  Warehouse 1
Room capacity: 100 
Pier Maua address:
Avenue Rodriguez Alves, 10, Praca Maua,
20081.250 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ;
(55 21 2516-2618)




MOVING PLANET EVENT: “Wheel in Renewable Energy” – a World Team Now Dance Roller Skate Event. Click here to sign up at for the event on 9/24/11


HomeWorld Team “teams up” with  at Venice Beach for “Wheel in Renewable Energy” -- a Dance Roller Skate Event --experience the strength of the environmental movement. 


Venice Beach, California--- Skaters from around the world will use their own energy to demonstrate clean transportation—Non-profit World Team will help promote all forms of renewable energy: solar, wind, tidal, geothermal and more.


"Skating is one of the cleanest forms of transportation, and we promote the Electric Vehicle wave breaking now," said founder Suzanne Maxx. Join us for a work-out for the good of ALL, supporting getting down to 350 with clean transportation sourced by renewable energy!


Join us and people around the world, be part of the global movement! 


Venice Beach Skate Circle:

Global Roller Skaters in Venice Beach:



WTN will have a booth at the Malibu Chili Cook Off on 8/3/2011, click here for our Facebook event and to volunteer time at the booth, click here



To read WTN's blog entry, Team Leads “Charge” at Ribbon Cutting for Electric Vehicle Stations in Malibu (July 29, 2011), click here and for the press release click here.



To read the July 27, 2011 WTN's press release on The Malibu Electric Vehicle Charger Project, click here.



Malibu Earth Day Event Flyer (click here for pdf)



Stand in solidarity with the people of Japan and imagine a world free of nuclear disasters March 28th on the Anniversary of Three Mile Island



Here is WTN's event in New York City on 3/28/2011





Host: Suzanne Maxx
Location: Wayne Bradley's Home
68 East 97th Street Apartment 25
New York, NY 10029
United States
When: 03/28/2011 7:00 PM-9:00 PM EST


World Team Now Prayer & Potluck. Join us for tonight to on the Anniversary of Three Mile Island we will gather to pray for Japan and a world free of nuclear disasters and radiation contamination, and "break bread" together for our world. All people are welcome; please bring a candle, something for the potluck dinner and consider a donation for the people in Sendai, Japan through World Team Now's 501c3 non-profit organization. Between Japan's disasters and the Ivory Coast's Civil War there are close to a million people recently displaced from their homes, challenged with the basics of survival due to environmental and social challenges facing our planet for all we will pray.





Phase II Policy Forum Decemeber 8-9, 2010 Details:


ACORE’s annual Phase II policy forum has never been more important.  A new Congress will convene and a slate of new Governors will take office in January following this year’s important November elections.  The Phase II National Policy Forum will lay the groundwork for the 2011 US renewable energy market and finance policy agenda.  It will explore the key issues on renewable energy supply, national security, economic development and jobs, and environment and climate.  It will connect renewable energy with energy efficiency, storage, demand response, and smart grid.


If you are a though leader on renewable energy policy, you need to be in this meeting.  Join National and Global leaders as we assess the state of renewable energy policy today and the range of policy options available, and help to advise on a best case policy framework for 2011 and beyond. 


Please be there for this extraordinary event. Be a part of history.






World Team is an official media partner with the Tidal Energy Summit for the 4th year!




WTN joins 10-10-10 Global Day of Action
Wheel in Renewable Energy

Venice Beach, California--- Skaters from around the world used their own energy to demonstrate clean transportation—World Team Now helped promote all forms of renewable energy: solar, wind, tidal, geothermal and more. Skating is one of the cleanest forms of transportation, and we promoted the Electric Vehicle wave about to break.

Youth Awareness of the Global Day of Action for 350!

The non-profit World Team Now’s founder Suzanne Maxx shared about The Global Work Day 10-10-10 events at an Assemble for the youth at Our Lady of Malibu School. There was a short discussion about renewable energy options, sports for transportation, and the emerging Electric Vehicles, all to get to 350.
















World Team Now Earth Day Features the Earth Day 2010



In Malibu, California our World Team Now’s founder and President, Suzanne Maxx returned to where she taught school at Our Lady of Malibu as a Guest Speaker for an Earth Day for a School wide, K-8 Student Assembly with the student council, and Principals Suzanne Ricci, and Edith O’Brian. Suzanne spoke about renewable energy, natural resources, and how choices people make affect their future. Examples of uses of different energy sources were defined such as solar; wind, tidal, geothermal, and how we have the possibility to get energy from different sources like the earth, the air, the sun, and the water. There were demonstrations with a kinetic ball that made light when it bounced, and the students gathered around the hybrid vehicle Suzanne had parked in the center of the school yard assembly, that had a portable fold out solar photovoltaic (PV) panel placed above the vehicle’s dashboard. Suzanne explained people have a choice to shield or block the sun or use the resource. This portable PV panel charges AA batteries and demonstrated how the solar panels could be used to power a host of devices youth use, especially their toys and games. Suzanne engaged the youth explaining how their home, the emerging electric vehicles and renewable energy sources, had to do with their future. Suzanne passed on the passion that she had brought forth to Copenhagen at the United Nation’s Climate Conference last year, COP15.

With support from faculty and students at Our Lady of Malibu School many pictures to launch World Team Now’s Contest were gathered. The 7th graders had the bulk of the winning art work, due to a prior related art assignment that gave them a wealth of material. There was a World Team Now cake shared with the students whose art work was chosen to exhibit at World Team Now’s booth at The City of Malibu’s EcoFair and the kids sang “Happy Earthday” with volunteers from World Team Now.


The City of Malibu celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day with an EcoFair on Saturday, April 24, followed by a collaborative performance of local actors, singers and dancers. World Team Now was part of the City of Malibu’s EcoFair Festival events. A day perfect to demonstrate wind energy, the local event attracted the community with an Earthday musical performance, and EcoFair Festival filled with attractions and booths that offered information to the public ranging from beach clean ups to solar. World Team Now had international volunteer’s there from China and Vietnam, that gave the this local event some international flavor with the graduate students from Pepperdine University lead by Yini Qiu from Shanghai, who works an intern with World Team.

World Team Now had a raffle for two dozen fabulous crown majesty roses from Organic Bouquet. Unfurling its large regal petals, this magnificent long-stem Esperance rose variety resembles a crown that could only be worn by Mother Nature herself. The large peony-like blooms have deep pink and cream tones that radiate exquisite beauty.


World Team Now had materials for the public to learn where to go to get more information about renewable energy initiatives, rebates and subsidies with their original “go to source” research sheet with links to websites and programs that raise awareness. This promoted city, state, and federal agencies, programs, global initiatives, such as those of the UN conferences plus both local and global non-profits organizations with programs that benefit the public. There was also information available form the World Team Now blog, on Climate Change, Electric Vehicles, COP15, and World Team Now’s participation in’s global day of action with aerial art with OLMalibu School Students, in Malibu, with CPDSA roller skaters in Central Park, and in the Salvation Army in Brooklyn where we made the images of numbers 350 using people, plus the net metering initiative in Lake Placid, New York.

The MalibuGreenMachine’s Jo Giese joined our World Team Now booth to pass out packages of seeds and tee shirts. This was a nice full circle for Suzanne Maxx who was a member of the volunteer community service group The PCH Beautification Committee that started the community sign board, now run by the Chamber of Commerce that evolved into the MalibuGreenMachine, which completed some of the local beautification projects in Malibu.


Our World Team Now Board member Walter Andrew's Walter kicked off Earth Day back his and Suzanne Maxx's mutual roots in Somerset, New Jersey, and represented us on the east coast. He produced this event which drew about a hundred people along with a team from his college fraternity Theta Psi Lamba. Green Forum 2010 was the first local community outreach on the environment for Earth Day in this region. At the Viridian Energy booth they sold clean energy, this was one of many ways the public had the opportunity to learn about the latest in renewable energy and technology. There were panels with line up speakers who were experts and presentations about selling on the market credits with county energy credits, NJ clean energy programs, and energy audits. Compost bins were auctioned off to the public, and there was information and activities for all ages. For Walter this local public outreach allowed his expertise to be shared. Walter was a Founding member of The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Division Chief of Drinking Water Region 2. Walter retired in 2009 and has joined World Team Now ‘s board as "Director of Energy and the Environment".


In Support of our partners:
Hands Across the Sand on June 26th, 2010.
Together we will draw a line in the sand and embrace a clean energy future. Join Now!








It's Earth Day's 40th Birthday!

World Team Now invites you to join us for Events around Earth Day!

On the West Coast:

Join Suzanne Maxx and World Team Now at our Malibu Event in California! Click Here!

On the East Coast:

Join Walter Andews and World Team Now at our Somerset Event in New Jersey! Click Here!

Our Virtual Event:

The Earth Day Contest begins on Earth Day: April 22nd, 2010. Go to the Contest! Click Here!


In Support of our friends:

Join the Cast and Crew of Avatar for this Special Event! Click Here!










World Team Now is hosting an Interactive Webinar on Renewable Energy on February 4th as part of Clean Energy Week 2010. With the many events taking place in Washington DC, we will join with over 90 other organizations to broaden the reach to the world, so all can participate!

Co-sponsored by Maestro Conference

Renewable Energy Interactive Webinar

February 4th , 2010
2:30-4:00pm EST

Experts will share the latest overview on energy, technology & policy for the public, focused on:

  • Water: (Tidal Energy, Solar-desalinization, Hydro, Heat pump/Coolant Geothermal)
  • Air:(Clean Air Act GHG- EPA regulations, Wind for US & you)
  • Transportation (Electric Vehicles emergent & support for US & you)
  • Solar (model projects, and how make it profitable for US & you)
  • Net Zero Buildings (what this looks like and is for US & you)

This will be a free opportunity for the public to engage in dialogue with experts about emergent renewable energy, technology, and the role of policy. The first 500 people can break out into virtual working groups.

Click here for agenda, schedule and speakers bios
Click here for presentation on Net Zero Building by Ron Judkoff


Click here to register for World Team Now's Renewable Energy - Interactive Conference

The mission of World Team Now (WTN) is to activate a global forum using the synergy of team to encourage community involvement and implement sustainable solutions to environmental and social issues of consequence. With teams of international volunteers, students, experts, and world leaders, World Team Now is committed to fostering compassion, reverence for diversity, and freedom to play in the peaceful transformation of our world. We are focused on renewable energy & technology around these topics especially; solar, wind, tidal, and heat/coolant geothermal, bio mass and raising public awareness by doing demonstration projects. World Team Now is related to the emergent multi-media project World Team.







Bringing Clean Energy Policy to Congress

National Coalition of Organizations Create Clean Energy Week, Washington DC -- February 1st - 5th, 2010





Phase II Policy Forum Novemeber 19-20, 2009 Details


"Renewable Energy in America"


The American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) returns to the Cannon Caucus Room on Capitol Hill on November 20, 2009 for the 6th straight year to engage the Congress in a dialog about how to set public policy for a scale-up of renewable energy to 25% by 2025 and 50% by 2050.

You are invited to participate. Please join us for this remarkable, memorable, high-end policy forum where the most thoughtful leaders of renewable energy will gather to present their thoughts and come away with a clearer insight on what must be done and a deeper commitment to getting it done. This is THE renewable energy policy conference of the year. If you are a thought leader on renewable energy policy, you need to be in this meeting.


This year, we will address U.S. competitiveness in the global renewable energy industry, in the face of aggressive competition from China, Germany, Japan and other countries. The conference will cover the renewable energy landscape, the challenges we face, and solutions to renewable electricity and renewable fuels.


Please be there for this extraordinary event. Be a part of history.


Solar Conference





350 Climate Action Day Events:

Climate Action Day Engages the World with 350 Science

Time for Global Climate Action

We made it into the North American 350 Montage, check it out!


Skaters for World Team Now in Central Park New York, USA


Skaters for World Team Now in Central Park New York, USA



24 October 2009

International Day of Climate Action




To read more click here





World Team Now's eBay Auction continues..


eBayAuction_Logo-sm.jpgWe have some wonderful items: top of the line Austin Air HealthMate HEPA & Carbon Filter Air Purifier, a ticket to the Tidal Energy Summit  at Lord Cricket Ground in London, UK,  Organic Bouquet's flowers and cuddle bear, a Star package with tickets to “Journey to the Stars” with Whoopi Goldberg” including diner for two at Tavern on The Green, a Bonsai tree, healthy products for you, your home and car,  books ; The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, The Writings on the Wall and Think Green! Skate instruction, tickets to the American Museum of Finance, and more…


Tidal Energy Development and Development Explored In depth

Our environmental movement is picking up speed, globally.  New and alternative energy, technology and public policy are emergent. What about Tidal Energy?


World Team Now is excited about our partnership with the Tidal Today in the  3rd International Tidal Energy Summit, it's our second year as partners, and Tidal Energy's Day is Near! Find out how to overcome technical, financial, consenting, and infrastructure challenges to ensure tidal energy can deliver on 2020 renewable targets. Read more in our blog... This is a unique opportunity to find out first hand. Bid on a ticket in WTN's Auction!

 Click here to register now.

World Team Now is in America's Giving Challenge, on Facebook, which gives us a chance to win $50,000! 

Please donate today

To win, between now and November 7th we have to get the most donations to our cause, every person can donate once per day and it doesn't matter how much. We can also win daily awards of $1,000 and $500 if we can get the most people to donate in any 24-hour period. The great thing about this Challenge is that it doesn't matter how much you give, it's the amount of people that donate.

Click here for to Donate Now


The Sunset Restaurant—“On the Rise…”Thanks to all of your support, our chosen venue for World Team Now's solar installation: The Sunset Restaurant is nominated as, “The Best Venue” in LA!  Since our 2007 Gala dinner at The Sunset to announce our long term installation plan to demonstrate solar energy project, and launch a public commercial campaign and education program, the restaurant has been a non-stop winner.    So please do your part to support our World Team Now's chosen venue & Vote for The Sunset. Read More...     

Click here to Vote Now


10.4.2009:: 21st Ecofest


11.11-12.2008 :: 2nd Tidal Energy Summit


10.18.2008 :: Local Net Metering Energy Initiative

10.13-16.2008 :: Solar Power Conference and Expo

09. 27. 2008 :: NYC Skaters Promote Net Metering, Green Jobs & UN Clean Up the World

12.2.2007 :: World Team Now' 1st Gala Dinner Event


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