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World Team Now Announces Heart & Soul “The Call” for Our Earth
and a World Team Event at Rio+20






RIO DE JANIERO, RIO+20- June 21, 2012; The event will be for all people to hear through song, and personal stories how they were “called” to use their life force, for the earth. We will learn from the inner personal journey since the 1992 Earth Summit (and prior) where it all started, and what is the burning dream for the future. Where does this live in regards to individual actions, international policy, and how can we approach the manifestation of global transformation. We will hear from many icons that have walked the path of the hero for our earth. This is the inspiration needed for the next 20 years and beyond of the environmental movement so humanity could live in better balance with our resources.


Music and storytelling allow the environmental journey to be centered on what universally touches all people’s hearts and souls. We will explore how to move our future generation from the heart and soul of our humanity with the courage to act for our world.


The event will be a continuation of World Team Now’s panel side-event Humanity & Environment = Our World’s Resources – approached through not just the mind, and thought but what touches the heart and soul.


The performers for the event are:


The winners of the Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest. The overall winner, the Choir Santo Amaro de Oeiras from Portugal who won also in the children category, and Milena Paraschiv and Radu Popescu from Romania will be performing. Through their singing they are have sending  message for a better world. The music contest was organized by the International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI) which aims at mobilizing youth from all over the world and letting them use the power of music; because music is a powerful tool to mobilize people from all age and all countries on the fight for a better world. 313 entries from 40 participating countries have been received, with over 250.000 online votes were received as well, while a group of 100+ Regional and National Coordinators have been supporting the contest globally and impacted around 5000 global youth! Learn more at


Ta'Kaiya Blaney. Ta'Kaiya, 10, lives in North Vancouver and is from the Sliammon First Nation. "Shallow Waters", recorded July 2010, is one of 5 songs co written by Ta'Kaiya and her singing instructor/professional songwriter/pianist Aileen De La Cruz. Ta'Kaiya is also known for singing "Amazing Grace" in the Sliammon language, translated by her grandfather. Ta'Kaiya began working with Aileen since the age of 5 and has performed at large events in both BC and Washington State. She also sings and plays the violin at various coffee shops in Vancouver and North Vancouver. Ta'Kaiya has also recorded the songs "Carried Away," "Watching Over Me," and "Wonderful, Beautiful" in June 2011. See and the Shallow Waters Official Music Video on YouTube at


Suzanne Maxx. She will perform the World Team Now reggae-rap song as written and  performed by her and was first performed 20 years ago at the UN closing concert, Rio Earth Summit/Global Forum in 1992



Title of the event: The Heart & Soul “The Call” for our Earth and a World Team
Date: 06/21/2012
Time: from 17:00 to 19:00
Venue: Pier Maua, Auditorium 1, Warehouse 1
Room capacity: 100
Pier Maua address:
Avenue Rodriguez Alves, 10, Praca Maua,
20081.250 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ;
(55 21 2516-2618)





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