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World Team Now Announces Panel on Humanity & Environment = Our World’s Resources at Rio+20






RIO DE JANIERO, RIO+20-   June 18, 2012; Focused on solutions during a moment of tension about the big picture of humanity and our earth- World Team Now's Panel on Humanity & Environment = Our World's Resources with Tcktcktck, and GCCA as Co-organizers will begin a dialogue around agreements as part of the UN Rio +20 Conference; 11:30 - 13:00 in T3 at RioCentro.


The discussion will be approached from four different perspectives: legal, scientific, humanitarian, and theological towards a framework and foundation for a world constitution for our environment, so humanity can live in better balance with our world's resources.


Join panelists Fabien Cousteau continuing the legacy of his grandfather Jaque Cousteau and founder of the nonprofit Plant A Fish, Tony Haymet Director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Guillermo Kerber-Mas with the World Council of Churches, Suzanne Maxx , Founder/President of World Team Now, Kelly Rigg , Executive Director of the GCCA, and Deborah Triply an environmental lawyer with Harrison Grant solicitors. For the Bio page of panelists, click here.


The purpose of the panel is to begin a dialogue about the content of global enforceable policy that plans how to move rapidly for welfare of humanity and our earth, and our collective natural environmental resources. This panel's goal is to ignite a communication to dialogue about what would be in such a powerful document and evaluate it within the framework of the US Constitution, the European Convention of Human Rights, and other historical documents that generated freedom and responsibility for a higher good and for a more just, sustainable, and balanced future. “Our goal is to begin a process to arrive at universal tenants that contribute towards a global agreement around energy policy – specifically, one that would contribute to UNCSD's outcome regarding global enforceable policy related to energy and our environment” said Suzanne Maxx founder/president of World Team Now.


We all know that what happens in one part of the world will affect another, and the large scale catastrophic environmental challenges, like the Deep Horizon Oil Spill, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. There are many other environmental catastrophes that effect our common collective resources and this dialogue is to explore a better approach to regulating responsibility and responding in such a way that has both the public health and environmental resources prioritized over corporate, or an individual government's approach with being first cost, expense, and liability driven.


This dialogue intends to begin a journey of dialogue and action that will continue into the future.





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