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Will the UN's Earth Summit Rio+20 awaken the possibility of a global energy policy that is enforceable and will override divided grid-locked countries' abilities to act— like the USA, with our divided congress?  Will we be forced to consider sustainable solutions that are for all people?  Like John Lennon said, “Imagine,” and the resolution at the New Year's Day annual Rose Parade suggested “Just Imagine,” — a good idea.


Ideas with human ingenuity from a spiritual font may be one of our greatest gifts, lets unwrap the “present”


Unlike COP17, strategically, it would more likely be that the US will take action at Rio, during the Earth Summit where there will be more global attention for the twenty year reunion (Rio+20) and in the USA it will be closer to the November Presidential Election, and more would be involved, so a victory at Rio of this magnitude, on the global stage, will be fresher in people's short attention spans, giving a win at the last minute, and capturing once again the drama of the political game.


Is the earth suggesting to us to follow the lead, and not continue on an addictive path that doesn't win for the earth or for humanity? Certainly the March 11th Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant , the March 24th Exxon/ Valdez Oil Spill, the March 28th Three Mile Island, the April 5th Upper Big Branch Coal Mine, the April 20th the Deep Horizon Oil Spill, and the April 26th Chernobyl environmental disasters makes us pause and hopefully reflect. Natural law, observed, may help us by the truth demonstrated. If so, how does that translate into governance and policy?


At the United Nation's Earth Summit/Global Forum in 1992, World Team was there with hope for an international environmental policy that would have results towards global transformation. After the Climate Change Convention, the Kyoto Protocol, and many other unenforceable declarations like the Copenhagen Accord, we still hope the possibility to agree on enforceable binding international environmental policy at Rio+20.


See World Team Now's blog posting on June 4, 2011 Rio+20 = More Than “Reunion”




World Team Now will be organizing the following side event at Rio +20


RIO Panel on Humanity & Environment = Our World’s Resources


The Framework and Foundation for a World Constitution
For our Environment, so humanity can live in better balance with our world’s resources


We all know that what happens in one part of the world will affect another, and the large scale catastrophic environmental challenges, like the Deep Horizon Oil Spill, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. There are many other environmental catastrophes that effect our common collective resources and this dialogue is to explore a better approach to regulating responsibility and responding in such a way that has both the public health and environmental resources prioritized over corporate, or an individual government’s approach with being first cost, expense, and liability driven.


We intend to begin a dialogue using a panel format about the content of global enforceable policy that plans how to move rapidly for welfare of humanity and our earth, and our collective natural environmental resources. This panel’s goal is to ignite a communication to dialogue about what would be in such a powerful document and evaluate it within the framework of the US Constitution, the European Convention of Human Rights and other historical documents that generated freedom and responsibility for a higher good and for a more just, sustainable, and balanced future. Our goal is to arrive at universal tenants that contributes towards a global agreement around energy policy – specifically, one that would contribute to UNCSD’s outcome regarding global enforceable policy related to energy and our environment.


The discussion will be approached from four different perspectives: legal, scientific, humanitarian, and theological.


World Team Now’s panel is headed by World Team Now Board Member former US Ambassador of the United States, Caruso Family Chair in Law, Douglas Kmiec, and Founder/President of World Team Now, Suzanne Maxx.


The panel will be comprised of dignitaries, leading thinkers in policy and law, VIPs, scientific experts, and theologians.



Interactive Dialogue of the 66th Session of the United Nations General Assembly on “Harmony with Nature” in commemoration of International Mother Earth Day.  The UN General Assembly April 18th, 2012 New York, NY.




This contest from our patrtner tcktcktck, A Date With History, was inspired by Severn Cullis-Suzuki's speech at the 1992 UN Earth Summit in Rio when she was 12 years old.



The text of her speech can be found here



If you had 2 minutes to tell world leaders what kind of future
you want, what would you say?

It’s time to Make A Date With History. This June hundreds of world leaders will gather in Rio de Janiero to discuss some of the most pressing problems of this era related to sustainability. You can make an impact to ensure our leaders act decisively and urgently by telling them what kind of future you want. It all starts with a simple two -minute video. Enter the Date With History online video speech competition and become part of history in the making. The competition is complet ely open and online. If you make the winning video speech, you could deliver it again in person at the Rio +20 Earth Summit this June! You need to be aged between 13 and 30 to enter at





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