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A Team of Roller Skaters in Venice Beach, USA Join 176 Countries in Global Day
of Action on Climate Change





Contact: Venice Beach, CA: Suzanne Maxx, (310) 917 9106,

Washington, DC: Molly Haigh, 907-750-1999,



On roller skates, Venice Beach joined a massive global day of action Saturday to move beyond fossil fuels.

Venice Beach, USA— For sunny California the drizzle and fog didn't stop a small team of roller skaters who used their own energy to support World Team Now (local and global non-profit) that “teamed up” with for “Wheel in Renewable Energy”— a dance roller skate event, to call for bold action on climate change.


Pro skater Suzanne Maxx, Founder of World Team Now shared about driving her Hertz electric vehicle to the skate event, “The key for our future is public education about climate change and getting solid local, national, and global energy policy”. She continued, “This time when we return to Rio in 2012 for the UN's Earth Summit, we hope to celebrate the long road since 1992 to global transformation. Non-profit World Team Now helps promote all forms of renewable energy: solar, wind, tidal, geothermal and more. Attendees moved their bodies on roller skates to demonstrate their commitment to moving beyond fossil fuels, and demonstrate clean transportation.


"Skating is one of the cleanest forms of transportation, and we promote the Electric Vehicle wave breaking now," said founder Suzanne Maxx. World Team supporters and Venice Beach skaters converged to support getting down to 350 with clean transportation, sourced by renewable energy!


Albert Boulanger, board member and Director of Technical Strategy for World Team Now said, “Roller skating is a fun way to burn off excess calories and remind ourselves of the power to move ourselves with our own energy, focused by great dance music.”


World Team Now is committed to demonstrate alternative solutions to the energy sources that cause climate change. Net zero building and alternative transportation is a great way to “be the change”. World Team Now recently helped the City of Malibu to install new electric vehicle chargers that are now free for the public to use. Both Suzanne Maxx and Albert Boulanger were authors of the recently published paper, “Vehicle Electrification Status and Issue” in the Proceedings of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) special issue on the Smart Grid. “We hope to be demonstrating more charger installations sourced by renewable energy, said Suzanne Maxx. Another project was to help Lake Placid, NY launch a net meter program for renewable energy.


“President Obama always said he would need pressure to help him move his agenda forward. We're doing more than signing petitions— people in every corner of the country are showing the path ahead. This movement is only growing.” said Bill Mckibben, co-founder of about the growing movement.


Nearly 180 countries participated in this year's Moving Planet day of action, with more than 2000 actions across the globe and nearly 700 US cities joining in to move beyond fossil fuels.


World Team Now is the non-profit arm of the emergent multi-media World Team project, whose goal is to play to transform our world by being focused on renewable energy demonstration projects. is an international grassroots climate campaign organizing in over 180 countries. is named for 350ppm, the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We are currently at 392ppm.



World Team Now is a 501c3 non-profit organization registered in both New York and California.
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